Nuclear Winter / News Alert – Trump Administration Targeting Russia, Planning to Reduce Restrictions on Nuclear Weapons Use

Nuclear Winter / News Alert: Reports are showing that the Trump administration has approved work on a new nuclear missile, likely in violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Also, early indications from the Department of Defense "Nuclear Posture Review" are that the Trump Administration will be loosening the restrictions on nuclear weapons use... Continue Reading →

2018 Campaign – “Nuclear Winter”

We are proud to announce that we will soon be launching our new 2018 campaign entitled "Nuclear Winter". We will be featuring stories about the history of nuclear weapons, how they have and continue to affect people's lives, the risks of maintaining nuclear weapons, and what could happen if nuclear weapons are used. You will... Continue Reading →

Chelsea Manning Released From Prison

Chelsea Manning, the whistle blower who exposed the war crimes, lies and illegal killings conducted by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, was released from military prison on May 17, 2017.  Despite the conditions and treatment that has been described as "torture" by journalists that have maintained contact with her throughout her imprisonment, she has... Continue Reading →

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