Save Our VA!

Today, June 7th, the VA implemented new regulations for how veterans access private-sector Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP) healthcare.  These regulations are the result of the 2018 MISSION Act, and are expected to do the following: Will create standards that diminish the VA high-quality model of healthcare.  Studies show that 86% of veterans prefer the... Continue Reading →

Armistice Day on Nov 11th, 2017

The First World War (World War I, "The Great War", "The war to end all wars") lasted from July 1914 until November 1918. Ultimately, carried on by more than 70 million military personnel in two opposing alliances with repeating rifles, machine guns, artillery, poison gas, tanks, war ships, and planes - millions perished. It is... Continue Reading →

Gun Violence Prevention Forum

Gun Violence Prevention Please attend a forum on gun violence prevention Sunday, May 20th 3-5pm at St Andrew Presbyterian Church. The flier above provides the names of the panelists including Rev. Jim Atwood, noted author on gun violence in America. The church is located at 5301 Ponderosa on the north side of Montgomery Park. It... Continue Reading →

END THE GUN VIOLENCE, AT HOME AND ABROAD! An Urgent Message from Veterans For Peace

(Reprinted from   END THE GUN VIOLENCE, AT HOME AND ABROAD! An Urgent Message from Veterans For Peace As veterans who have been traumatized by the violence of war, we were shocked and saddened by the recent mass murder of 17 high school students in Parkland, Florida. This horrible slaughter, carried out by a... Continue Reading →

Peace at Home, Peace Abroad

Veterans For Peace is an international organization made up of military veterans, military family members, and allies. We are dedicated to building a culture of peace, exposing the true costs of war, and healing the wounds of war. Our network is made up of over 120 chapters across the United States and abroad. Join Us... Continue Reading →

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